Twinkly Flex

Application controlled flexible LED tube

Twinkly Flex is a smart neon flexible LED tube that can be controlled by app and voice assistants. With a length of 2m or 3m Twinkly Flex can be shaped in any way you want, bringing new levels of lighting design and creativity to your connected home.

Like all Twinkly products, Flex is mappable and each LED can be individually controlled, allowing you to create and reproduce unique color effects, gradients and animations - Flex becomes your screen.

Flex your creative muscles
Model it as a kitty, a musical note or your personal mascot. Or give Flex a minimalist form - Just use the clips and brackets to lock your design in place. You can put it on a wall, or even in a frame: you are the artist.

To help you get started, we've boxed some shape pattern plans alongside the product. 😉