Strings light installation with 400 LEDs 32m RGBW

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Twinkly TM – More Christmas magic, with the first smart light installation!

This smart installation, controllable from the smartphone, contains 400 latest generation LEDs. It can also be used without being controlled through the Twinkly application, installed on the smartphone, using in this case only the lighting programs preset in the controller.

Twinkly represents the first technological evolution in the Christmas lighting industry. Twinkly will give you the opportunity to create, with the help of your smartphone, themes, animations and infinite colors for the Christmas installation. After, you can post your creation on social networks, so that you can inspire your friends as well. Let your imagination run free!

A few things that make Twinkly a unique light installation!

Twinkly LEDs are special
When Twinkly was designed, we started from lights that, in our case, are not as common as you think. Each Twinkly LED contains 3 new generation RGB LEDs and a chip that connects to the controller. In addition, each light is surrounded by a protective body, specially designed with a flat head and having an opaque layer, to intensify the effects of the light.

The first mobile application in the world for controlling the light installation for the Christmas tree
Our designers, developers, programmers and technicians have designed an application that will allow you to control and change the light and color of the Christmas tree installation in a simple and intuitive way, directly from your smartphone.

Through the Wi-Fi of your home or office or through the integrated Twinkly Wi-Fi (you will be able to change the desired connection method from the application), the application connects to the installation and thus you can control it, using the already pre-installed animations, you can download some new or you can take it from 0, letting your imagination fly, creating colorful designs and new effects, with the help of Computer Vision technology.

You can download the Twinkly application for free from both Google Play and the App Store.

Technical specifications

Model year - 2019, Generation II
Resistance - IP44
Features - Bluetooth, WI-Fi, Music sensor
Number of LEDs 400
Lens type - Flat lens
Lamp diameter- 4.3 mm / 0.17 in
Distance between LEDs - 8cm / 4in
Electric cable - Black wire
Electric cable length - 3.5m / 137.795 in
Beam length - 32 m / 787.4 in
Input adapter V - EU max 50/60Hz
Adapter output V - 24 V (1.0A)
Warranty - 1 year
Long service life - Over 30,000 hours
Package size (20x18x8.5) cm
The package includes: 1 string of LEDs + controller, 1 adapter, 1 quick guide

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